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If you are suffering from mental anguish and are striving unsuccesfully to find help, here is the answer to most of you!

Do you suffer from any of the following: Stress, Depression, Memory Loss, Phobias (Fear of spiders, flying, swimming, fun fair rides etc), Lack of Confidence or Self Esteem, Tiredness (Non pysical health condition related), lack of energy, want inspiration,  Heartbreak, Sexual problems, Weight problem, Trauma, Bereavement, want to quit smoking/Drugs, Caffine reduction, control your Alcohol problem, improve your reading and retention or don't know what your problem is and want to find out (Regression Therapy - by accessing your past)?


Well why give hypnosis a go?  All Hypnosis is self hypnosis, which means 'YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL', and we can help you, program yourself to an improved and healthier life right now - It's easy, instaneous almost, and you re-gain the power to change your future!

For health related problems we would strongly recommend you consult your GP first!

If you have a serious health problem, hypnosis can help change your way of thinking, a way of thinking, feeling and being more Positive!

Do you need a coach?

No offer can compete with this.  Would you rather buy a new shirt that'll last a few months, a jacket that'll wear out or pay a deposit on a car that will deappreciate everyday? Make a small contribution for the health of your mind for a lasting and beneficial experience!

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Discounts are available:  For students, OAPs, Low income parents, cancer patients and to those with finance problems.


Hypnosis has been used by every culture in one form or another throughout civilization.  Those who employed it were known by many names; medicine men, wizards, high priests, witch doctors, shamans etc. The names they were called are irrelevant, they all did the same thing. Today we call it hypnosis. Hypno is the Greek word for sleep, but it is not sleep in the normal sense, it is just a convenient expression.

Europe was exposed to hypnosis by Franz Anton Mesmer. Mesmer did much like the shamans, he dressed himself up in a flashy style used dimly lit rooms with mirrors and used magnetism as his medium. People sat around in tubs filled with iron filings and held iron bars. Mesmer made suggestions to them individually and those who believed in the suggestions were cured. People who entered into a trance state were “Mesmerized”.

Hypnotism has a therapeutic value beyond belief Freud knew about the subconscious mind and observed people in a “trance state”. Freud’s ego got in the way and he rejected hypnosis in favor of his own theories of free association and dream interpretation. This was a setback for hypnosis, but others began to study this phenomenon. A Hypnotist named Bernheim said that ,“modern psychology should go the way of the mammoths”. No doubt he said this because hypnosis is so much more effective than lengthy psychoanalysis.

In the 1950’s hypnosis began it’s modern rebirth when researchers found that hypnosis had a very potent therapeutic value. The so called trance state was a safe and effective tool for changing behavior. The subconscious is the natural state of man. it is his perfect mind. Within that mind is a storehouse of memory about every person, place or condition. It is simply a matter of tapping this vast warehouse of knowledge. The subconscious mind has been called the “Supermind”.

It is just a matter of tapping the Supermind to change your life for the better. Anyone can do it, but not everyone does it because they fail to accept and realize it’s curative powers.

Entering a state of hypnosis is as natural as eating, sleeping, mating or going to the bathroom. It is a simple state that people go into several times a day. You do it when you drive a car, you do it when you watch TV, you do it when you fantasize or daydream. Children do it all the time when they play their games.

Adolf Hitler, Franklin Roosevelt, Jack Kennedy, Winston Churchill all used hypnosis techniques, and yes, Bill Clinton uses hypnosis techniques. He is a master of wrapping phrases in emotion. Oh yes, we must not forget that master hypnotist on television named Benny Hinn.

On this website we are not going to teach you to hypnotize others, but to do self hypnosis, thus giving you a tool that you can use to make your life a better place to be. Be good to one another, and treat your subconscious with respect. It is a powerful friend to have on your side.

Do not try to use these techniques to induce hypnosis in another. We are not teaching you all of the precautions that you need to know to use hypnosis on others.  It takes training and years of experience to be a hypnotherpist and some natural gifts and skills.

What hypnosis is not It is not a method of removing your will. It is not a way to get you to do something you don’t want to do. It is not sleep. It is not like the villain in the old movies. It has nothing to do with a swinging watch. It is not magic. It is not the occult. It is not anti-religious. In one sense, religion is hypnosis. It is not a device to take over your mind. It is none of the negative things that many people have come to believe.

Facts and Fallacies about hypnosis:

Fallacy: Hypnosis is occult or supernatural Fact: Hypnosis is scientific. It is not supernatural, nor of the occult, but purely a manifestation of the power of the human mind.

Fallacy: Weak-willed persons make the best subjects Fact: The best subjects are intelligent, willful persons who have the ability to concentrate.

Fallacy: Only a small percentage of the people can be hypnotized. Fact: Almost anyone can be hypnotized. It is a matter of degree. Some people do make better subjects than others. The people who cannot be hypnotized are babies, the insane or the intoxicated or persons “high” on drugs.

Fallacy: The hypnotist dominates the subject. Fact: There is no domination or submission in hypnosis. The hypnotist actually helps the subject express their own latent abilities. For example; a person unaccustomed to public speaking can confidently speak to an audience of thousands.

Fallacy: A person can be hypnotized against their will. Fact: A person must consent to be hypnotized. A person cannot be hypnotized against their will.

Fallacy: The hypnotist has absolute control over the persons mind. Fact: This is the most absurd of all fallacies involving hypnosis. No hypnotist can make anyone do anything that is against their principles or morals. Hypnosis is not an anesthetic that renders a person helpless; it is a means of releasing or intensifying their own personal powers and abilities.

Fallacy: Hypnotherapy requires a deep trance state: Fact: 87% of all therapeutic uses can be done in a light or medium state of hypnosis.

Fallacy: A subject may not “wake up” from hypnosis. Fact: There is not the slightest danger of this happening. The subject left to him/her self will fall into a natural sleep and then “awaken”, or just awaken when the hypnotist stops talking.

Fallacy: hypnosis is dangerous. Fact: Hypnosis is perfectly safe when practiced by a trained and experienced practitioner. As an analogy, an automobile is not inherently dangerous unless driven by an incompetent person

Fallacy: A subject knows nothing of what happened during hypnosis. Fact: A subject in a light or medium state of hypnosis is fully aware of what happened when they “awaken”. In a deep state some subjects may have amnesia.

Fallacy: Orthodox medicine condemns hypnosis. Fact: The American, British and Canadian Medical Societies all accept the therapeutic value of hypnosis.

Mediocre minds usually dismiss anything that reaches beyond their understanding.

There are two types of people: 1 type who use their right brain - these people are usually very technical, they are experts of engineering, pilots, mathmaticians, surgeons etc - Type 2 people use their left brain - these people are usually psychologists, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists, doctors in health or science, astrologists, artists etc - you get the picture.  The right brained individual will not fully comprehend, accept or perform the left sided persons belief, ideas or skills fully.  You don't have to convince everybody, as some are designed not to learn some ways but learn another way.  People are different - we are all different - nobody totally same as another. 

However, SUCCESS is a guaranteed commitment!

Above is a therapeutic spiral of internal conflict

Breathe in deeply NOW - then slowly breathe out..  say to your self "I can allow myself the time to change and the patience to learn"

The above statement works, not because I said so, but because we are all children in our hearts, and we perform better when others treat us with respect - Learn to speak with respect to yourself, and to others, and the world will change around you!

Words can easily change any meaning - You can change your feelings about anything by purely using the right words, and they can easily alter your perception.

For another example, i'd like you to think about things you don't like about  certain people or a particular person. Think for a minute.   Now think about how it makes you feel?

Got it?

Now ask yourself why it bothers you? Are you smiling?

 You see, we all dislike aspects of others that we or others either associate negatively at some point to ourselves..or the aspect belongs to somebody that has been negative to us.  So you see, the person above may not necessarily be the ONE, that you dislike. 

Feelings of negativity towards anybody ruins your judgement and self respect.  Think positive and be a better person!

We have an amazing method, a superb skill and a talent above all -we fix the subconscious mind. 

Imagine transforming nerves into courage, worry into confidence and hesitancy into assertiveness.  This is all possible for you - all you need is the key to unlock the door.

Why live in fear, sad or un-socially, thinking as if there is no other way.., when you can do something very simple to fix yourself today? We can HELP YOU to make a difference to your WHOLE life! Feel Better, MORE happier, have a greater fullfilment in every area of your life and soul! It has never been so easy, so Rapid - SO AMAZING!