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Mobile: 07958 693463

For Cancer patients who live in Leicestershire & Rutland, we offer FREE home visits and Hypnotherapy is completeley FREE! for any problem. We are determined to help people get better and families stay together longer.

We are aware of the psychosocial aspects to a child’s or young person’s development whilst dealing with cancer. Also the emotional, psychological and physical strain when parents have a serious illness. The effects of illness and treatment on children and families. Parents and children experience a wide range of emotions throughout the illness, uncertainty is a key cause of anxiety, and distress, which can persist for parents and children long after treatment ends. I am also aware of the complexities families face with changes in their everyday lives, practically, socially and emotionally. Everyone is different, and we all deal with our issues in our own way ...but there are always more ways we don't understand.

Please contact me direct or alternatively...

Please contact: 'Coping With Cancer' visit them directly to register: It's FREE to register and you will receive a lot of support advice and other FREE therapies!
Coping with Cancer Helen Webb House 35 Westleigh Road Leicester, LE3 0HH
Tel: 0116 223 055

Coping with Cancer Webiste: www.c-w-c.org.uk