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Rajj Joshi, Hypnotherapist and Trainer

About the Therapist:

(DHP)  - Clinical Status, Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (DNLP - Master Pract), Corporate          Stress Management Consultant, Rapid Phobia Removal Therapist, Rapid Results Pain Control Consultant (In All areas of Noesitherapy & Hypnotic Pain Control), Past Life Regression Therapist, Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy (DCMT). Certificate in Counselling Skills (CPCAB qualified - Counselling & Psychotherpy Central Awarding Body) Quaified YOG-HYP Instructor - In all Areas of Eastern Mind & Body Health Techniques), Also incorporating some Cognitive behavioural techniques (CBT), Specialist in organisational issues: such as Public Speaking, Bully and Harrassmment and other employment related psychological help. Reiki Master and trainer, Spiritual Healer - Dedicated to helping people get better! Our therapist also has a Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau clearance (CRB Check). Recently completed a psychothetrapeuitic development programme in Leadership Psychology. 

Rajj Joshi is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, DHP, DNLP Master Pract, PGCert, DCMT, Reiki Master 

"I learnt hynotherapy whilst my younger brother was suffering with Hodgkin's disease (Cancer of lymhnoid), in 2001.  Whilst caring for my brother I saw many young children slowly deteriorate.  I began to explore ways of helping patients and families, whilst I too sufffered the trauma in a depressive state of mind feeling helpless.  The question I asked myself was 'Is there anything else there to help people recover faster? - The answer is positive thinking!   It was the positive attitude that helped the survivors.  I know the distress upon families, I see it everyday, and I see suffering everywhere - but this inspires me to do what I do.  My school is to empower everybody - I can help you, but you must accept your mind is open and you are ready for a positive transformation.  Take the courage to ask and I will promise to help you!"

Totally private and confidential

We incorporate the best hypnotherapy methods and techniques.  We treat people as unique individuals, by conducting a thorough assessment.  We know that people are all amazingly different and so are the problems we have. 

Please note, that in most cases more than one session may be required and may not be an overnight fix.  For example, If you are suffering from long term depression, hypnotherapy may not fix this in one session.  

Therefore you can be fully-assured and confident in our service, which we belive to be the BEST, when it comes to hypnotherapy anywhere in the WORLD purely because of the level of passion, committment, skill and most of all our values and faith in recovery.  

If you are unable to afford the price of our treatment Rajj Joshi will be more than happy to take any donations made payable to Macmillan's Coping With Cancer, which is registered charity in Leicestershire.

It feels good to feel better!

Today is the day we hope you donate to yourself, or somebody you love!

Our therapist has acheived his qualifications by undertaking courses developed and provided by Five Percent Ltd, At City University London. Trained by Donald Donaldson, CLinician Hypnotherapist and member of the MENSA. Also trained by world renowned hypnotherapist used by celebrities, goverments across the globe -Valerie Austin, hypnotherapist, writer and creator of the Austin Technique - Valerie Austin is one of the pioneers of hypnotherapy, and the author of a number of books on the subject, including The Austin Technique. She is a Hypnotist and hypnotherapist. Visit www.hotgossip.co.uk - for Nutritional and Healthy Living Advice. Valerie Austin is a friend and a tutor of our therapist.  Our Therapist has aslo undergone training by world famous Dr. Jonathan Royale, Bsc, Ph.d The creater of the complete Mind Therapy programme (CMT).

"We are sorry if you have waited so long, but we are glad that you have now found us"

We can help to advance your communication skills, leadership skills, motivational power and empowering you to great heights.  We use a combination of skills including hypnosis, NLP and coaching skills.  You deserve a chance to change and become the person you admire!

Savhar is a Great believer of mind over matter, and uses colour therapy to help the client tap into and expand their awareness... 

Colour brings life to life 

Colour effects the mood

Bring the benefit of different

COLOURS into your life today

Colour healing is given through words in therapy to activate your senses

Our treatment is a gift to you... you only pay for the time we contribute to your reparation. 

As a Reiki Master (Energy Healer and Trainer) and Spiritual Healer (Accredited by the Healers Association) we offer this service at no extra charge). 

Savhar is the ONLY Hypnotherapist, we know that offers a full money back guarantee on the day of the treatment, if you are not feeling positively different in the slightest way after receiving our treatment!