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Satisfaction Vs Happiness?

There is a fundamental difference between happiness and satisfaction. We want to get happy, but we are most often content with being just satisfied.

The difference between those two words is a concept that many people struggle with, at first, because the words are used almost interchangeably, at least here in the UK and USA. But it is vital to understand the difference.

Satisfaction implies an acceptance of the status quo, being comfortable with the way things are. People can be satisfied without being grateful because they have just accepted things the way they are, even though it’s not what they really want.

Happiness, in contrast, implies a quality of mind, a state of joy and gratitude, for what we have and what we are. It is, by definition, a very positive and attractive mental energy.

I believe we should always strive to be happy, rather than satisfied - I spent years in a job I was merely satisfied in (paid the bills), but not happy - can you imagine what effect it had on my thoughts, which as you know, effects your feelings/body? 

We are all different yet we are all just humans - we all have the capacity for good and bad, what differs us, is our thinking and decision making. Some people spend their lives imitating their parents or villans - realise your potential and be righteous, indifferent and BETTER!

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Inspiration only happens when you go inside the picture


Inspiration only happens when you go inside the picture

Keeplooking closely at this image now.  Feel the warm energy of the sun.  Become a part of this overwhelming and sensational image. Feel the depth and coldness of the blue ocean, as you bathe in this crystal clear blue ocean, Let the shimmering and sparkling light enlighten and awaken your senses now. Absorb the colours of the sky in your skin, energising and invogorating your mind and body. Take a deep Breath and breathe in life and then exhale any anziety, worry, stress or fear.  Breathe in the tranquility, serenity and inspiration and enjoy this feeling for a moment.  The amazing powers of life are within you, and the rays of morning sunshine lifts your spirit.  As the feelings grow stronger, become more confident, motivated and happier for you are now renewed by the elements of mother nature herself.  With your imagination visualise the sun rising and brightening every corner of your life.

Inspiration only happens when you go inside the picture!

A new day begins right now!

Script written by Rajj Joshi. Copyright 2006

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Use our self hypnosis technique and in a short time from now you can become the person you really want to be. You can be dynamic, poised, self assured, create a good impression and be loved by others. This may look like a bit of pie in the sky stuff.  Read on and you'll soon think differently about hypnotherapy.

Did you know that the conscious mind, uses only a measly 10% of the brain? And yet it controls the nervous system and all deliberate action. Also it accepts and rejects based on its power of reasoning and upon the acquired set of beliefs, rules and opinions it has absorbed or taken on board. The conscious mind has done this through education, interaction with others, experience of the self and of others. And it has done it through various global information and communication networks.

The brain itself operates on two very distinctive levels, the conscious and the subconscious. Of the conscious mind we do know something. Of the subconscious we know very little. For instance, did you realise the subconscious memorises and records all your life experiences down to the very last detail? It also runs all the intricate workings of your body without you ever having to use your brain or even think about it. These things alone make the subconscious pretty valuable to us, don't you think?

Another aspect of the subconsciouses which is of value to us is lays in the fact that it has no power of reasoning and because of this, it accepts any suggestion given to it as true. You may think this is bad but it's not, it's good, it's very good.

Your subconscious mind is the location of your life's programme. And your programme, the same as for every other perosn on the planet, runs on automatic. But because of the subconscious minds lack of reasoning power it turns out you have an ace in the hole. Let me explain: The conscious mind is the deciding factor. It makes decisions and judgments from an extremely limited point of view. In other words, the conscious mind governs, limits, confines, constructs barriers, obstacles, hurdles and much much more.

This is where your ace in the hole comes in. Because, if, you can find a way of bypassing the conscious mind, along with its limiting tendencies, you create the potential to deliberately plant suggestions into the subconscious mind. Our self hypnosis method artfully bypasses any negative programming that may be present within your conscious mind. Quite a neat trick, wouldn't you agree?

But be aware that although the conscious mind occupies only 10% of the brain it is all powerful. Whatever it believes, accepts or repeatedly thinks about, sinks down into the subconscious mind which accepts everything as true, even when it is not true. The one thing to do is to pay close attention to what's going on in your conscious mind.

It is a proven fact that 90% of what goes on in our heads is the same every day. Only when a sizable event takes place do the thoughts change dramatically. As and when they do it's rarely for more than several days. Because when the dust settles the mind sneaks back into the old familiar pattern. In this way much of our life is a repetition of what's gone before, both good and bad. This is commonly referred to as the habitual mind.

When used correctly Self-Hypnosis is an effective method of bypassing the conscious mind. In other words, any negative tendencies lodged in the conscious mind is bypassed allowing you to implant whatever it is that you want, directly into your subconscious mind.

As it is, life kind of unfolds in front of us, much like a movie over which we have limited control. Our default mode is reaction, in that we react to the circumstances of life. Rarely if ever, are we able to act in preference to reacting. When we act we either gain or remain in control, when we react we lose control.

You can free yourself from bad habits, destructive patterns of behaviour, difficulties with your health and interrelationship tensions etc. Also, if you have a nervous disposition and upcoming events get you crazy you can eliminate the stress factor.

Whatever it is you want to change about yourself you can do it through self-hypnotic auto suggestion. Whenever you plant suggestions into your sub-conscious they become part of your programme. New suggestions will write over the existing programme. There is no need for you to fight with yourself. Your new programme will soon begin to run on automatic just the same as your existing one does now.

It's really neat how it works, it's quick and easy and can make real improvements in your life. Not only that, you can use the same method to help others overcome problem areas in their lives too. In fact, you can do it for anybody whenever the need arises.

You can change as much about yourself as you want. But you will change only in so far as your programme is changed. Bypassing the conscious mind is a real neat trick and once you have mastered how to do it, the rewards will be immense.

The technique is to first induce a self-hypnotic state, which is real easy once you know how. You follow this by implanting suggestions into the now accessible subconscious mind, without any interference from the conscious mind.

To a certain extent we are all subject to a programmed way of thinking, responding behaving, acting and reacting. Fears, phobias, habits, attitudes and beliefs are all part of our programme, some of it is good, some bad and some totally useless.

The one thing to be done is to sift through your own programme and weed out the things that are not serving you. Know that you CAN overcome them, even if there are things about you that are well and truly ingrained and are seriously disrupting the enjoyment of your life.

You were born to be happy and to feel good about yourself. Self-destructive tendencies sabotage you and your life more than you'll ever know. You now have in front of you the opportunity of putting an end to the self-sabotaging cycles that screw up your life.

The little tutorial you can download right now will help you to become what you want to be, to get out from under whatever it is that's holding you back. It's easy, it's simple but it's very very effective.

I find there is absolutely no need to go through page after page of irrelevant text that merely serves as a filler, just to bolster up its size. You know the way things are packaged these days and that the majority of it is just a waste of space.

There are many associations throughout the world who will charge you hundreds of dollars to tell you what I tell you in the short tutorial. It is my mission to bring as many life-enhancing techniques as I can, within reach of the vast majority, instead of a financially privileged few.

I instruct you how to do the self-hypnotic technique the same way as I do it myself because I know that it works. Not only has it worked for me, it's worked for others who have tried it and it will work for you. You'll find that I always prefer to keep things simple, simple works better and everyone can understand simple.

Get past what's holding you back. It could be fears or phobias. Maybe you drink or smoke too much. Maybe you want more confidence, more get up and go. Or it could be that you have have a couple of other destructive habits or unhelpful patterns of behaviour. It really doesn't matter what it is. An obstacle is an obstacle that gets in the way and spoils your full enjoyment of life.

Attempting to overcome self-sabotage without getting to its root is incredibly difficult, if not impossible. The root of habits, fears, phobias etc are all a part of an acquired programme. And without rewriting that programme you're going to scratch around on the surface until kingdom come. You're only as good as your programme, we all are, but the really neat thing is that you do have the ability to overwrite that programme whenever and as often as you like.

 Inspiration is a combination of positive words.

Happiness is a selection of personal satisfactions.

You don't need to sleep to dream.

Why smile when laughing is better.

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